Marina Tricard


Challenges I work on: couples counselling, assimilation in new country, adolescence and parental issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic mental disorders.

I studied at Nova Southeastern University and received a Bachelor degree in psychology and a minor in forensic psychology. For my graduate degree, I attended Yeshiva University and received a master degree in Mental Health Counseling. After arriving in Paris, I attended the Sorbonne Paris V for research in clinical counseling. While attending the Sorbonne, I researched if the increase of stressors, related to immigration like assimilation, affects the consumption of alcohol in North Americans who have moved to Paris, France.
While in France, I work with expatriates from around the world dealing with assimilation issues, as well as, working with Universities to help students adapting in a foreign country and the challenges of schoolwork.
I have worked as a substance abuse counselor for individuals and groups in one of New York City’s top outpatient detox centers. I have extensive knowledge in the field of addiction. During my time in Miami, I have worked with patients that suffered from chronic mental disorders. I am also trained in crisis counseling from working at switchboard of Miami.